Events CRIS2016 – St Andrews

CRIS2016 – St Andrews
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Communicating and Measuring Research Responsibly
Profiling, Metrics, Impact, Interoperability
The CRIS 2016 conference will address recent trends in the management, availability, quality and use of Current Research Information Systems (CRIS) bringing together researchers, managers of research-performing or funding institutions, evaluators, librarians, research administrators, ICT experts and policy makers. This year’s focus emphasizes the role of measuring and communicating research, which requires an effective approach to interoperability and impact of the underlying Information Systems.
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St Andrews, Scotland, UK
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Jun-2016Application of Kroki Mockup Tool to Implementation of Executable CERIF specificationFilipović, Milorad ; Vaderna, Renata ; Ivković, Željko ; Kaplar, Sebastijan ; Vuković, Željko ; Dejanović, Igor ; Milosavljević, Gordana ; Ivanović, Dragan 
210-Jun-2016The assessment of competence to perform research and development by the SK CRIS: Research Organisation as an object of evaluationZendulková, Danica 
310-Jun-2016Automated affiliation identification for Converis using Web of Science core collection dataWalther, Marcus ; Melsheimer, Bastian 
410-Jun-2016Can machines understand what researchers look for? Conceptualizing the research worldGuillaumet, Anna 
59-Jun-2016Capturing the collaboration intensity of research institutions using social network analysisSchlattmann, Stefan 
69-Jun-2016CASRAI-UK: Using the CASRAI approach to develop standards for communicating and sharing research information in the UKMcCutcheon, Valerie ; Kerridge, Simon ; Grout, Catherine ; Clements, Anna ; Baker, David ; Newnham, Helen 
79-Jun-2016A CERIF description of an OA Policy to ease monitoring complianceBrasse, Valérie ; Jeffery, Keith G. ; Asserson, Anne ; Rémy, Laurent 
88-Jun-2016CERIF Tutorial [CRIS2016 St Andrews]Brasse, Valérie 
911-Jun-2016Community curation in open dataset repositories: insights from ZenodoSicilia, Miguel Angel ; García-Barriocanal, Elena ; Sánchez-Alonso, Salvador 
1010-Jun-2016A CRIS in the Desert: The Implementation of Pure at KAUST - A Case Study in Information ExchangeGrenz, Daryl ; Lery, Thibaut ; Ward, Manus ; Mastoraki, Eirini ; Baessa, Mohamed 
1111-Jun-2016Crowdsourcing Opportunities for Research Information SystemsNevolin, Ivan 
129-Jun-2016Data Management Administration Online (DMAOnline)Khokhar, Masud ; Schwamm, Hardy ; Krug, John ; Albin-Clark, Adrian 
139-Jun-2016Data quality assessment and improvement: a Vrije Universiteit Brussel case studyVan den Berghe, Steven ; Van Gaeveren, Kyle 
149-Jun-2016DeGóis – The Portuguese National Academic CV PlatformPinto, Carlos Sousa ; Lopes, Pedro Leitão ; Valério, Luis Pedro ; Amaral, Luis 
159-Jun-2016Developing and Standardising Definitions for Research Information: Framework and Methods of Successful Process DocumentationRiechert, Mathias ; Biesenbender, Sophie ; Quix, Christoph – Delivering a data autodiscovery infrastructureCox, Adrian ; Gutteridge, Christopher 
179-Jun-2016ERIH PLUS – Making the SSH visible, searchable and availableLavik, Gry Ane Vikanes ; Sivertsen, Gunnar 
189-Jun-2016Even minor integrations can deliver great value – a case studyKlausen, Mona Hide 
199-Jun-2016FRIS R3 - CERIF XML in large scale exchange of research informationVestdam, Thomas ; Plauborg, Brian ; Van Campe, Leen 
209-Jun-2016Governance of research information and classifications, key assets to interoperability of CRIS systems in inter-organizational contextsVancauwenbergh, Sadia