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Title: DataCite and FAIR Workflows
Other Titles: Implementing FAIR Workflows along the research lifecycle
Authors: Reher, Ida Sofie 
Chen, Xiaoli 
Jägerhorn, Martin 
Keywords: research data management;FAIR data principles;collaboration networks;best practice;DataCite;open science
Issue Date: 12-May-2022
Publisher: euroCRIS
Source: Procedia Computer Science 211: 83-92 (2022)
Series/Report no.: CRIS2022: 15th International Conference on Current Research Information Systems (Dubrovnik, Croatia, May 12-14, 2022)
Conference: CRIS2022 – Dubrovnik 
The world of research and academic publishing is complex and challenging. There is a need for collective efforts to enhance the discoverability and usage of research out-puts. DataCite is the project organization that leads the “Implementing FAIR Workflows” project, funded by the Templeton World Charity Foundation. Prompted to address the complexities of scholarly information, DataCite, along with the project partners, aims to develop an exemplar FAIR and Open Research workflow based on the reality of the research lifecycle. The aim is to implement such a workflow through the integration of existing and well-accepted global open infrastructure, particularly the different identifier systems, thus enabling research evaluation and accelerated output reuse. ChronosHub is one of the project partners and acts as an intermediary to facilitate the information flow between the different stakeholders in the research ecosystem. This session will invite a discussion of how all of us in the research ecosystem can contribute with collaborative actions to build bridges and remove enormous amounts of administrative work with data collection, structuring, and quality assurance.
Extended abstract to be presented at the CRIS2022 conference in Dubrovnik.-- Event programme available at

13 slides.-- Presentation delivered within the session "Open Science implementation [I]"
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