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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Oct-2012CERIF-CRIS: A Research Information Model for Decision Support: Use and Trends for the FutureJörg, Brigitte ; Cutting-Decelle, Anne-Françoise ; Houssos, Nikos ; Sicilia, Miguel Angel ; Jeffery, Keith G. 
7-Jun-2012Cerif4Datasets (C4D) – Utilising Semantics for the Discovery and Exploration of Datasets in ResearchBokma, Albert ; Garfield, Sheila ; Nelson, David ; Omran, Esraa ; Corcho, Oscar 
Aug-2002CERIF: Past, Present and Future: An OverviewAsserson, Anne ; Jeffery, Keith G. ; Lopatenko, Andrei 
17-Oct-2013CERIF: Research MetadataDvořák, Jan 
25-Oct-2019CERIF: The Comprehensive Data Model for Research InformationDvořák, Jan 
22-Nov-2017The CERIFication of the Jisc Research Data Shared Service (RDSS)Clements, Anna ; Dvořák, Jan 
8-Jun-2012CERIFy: Using Business Process Mapping to Engage with Research Information Management Processes and the CERIF Data ModelMahey, Mahendra ; Brennan, Niamh 
12-May-2015Challenges in Coding Information on Article Processing Charges (APCs) into Institutional SystemsDe Castro, Pablo 
8-Jun-2012Challenges on setting-up the research and development tools and capacities in a transitional country (Kosovo)Dedaj, But ; Carabregu, Mjellma 
18-Jun-2021Ciencia Abierta y Sistemas de Gestión de la Información Científica (CRIS)De Castro, Pablo 
5-Aug-2020Ciencia Abierta, Acceso Abierto: ¿Nuevas Vías?De Castro, Pablo 
27-May-2011CILEA’s SURplus, the open-source way to CRISMornati, Susanna 
2015CIOs at German Universities – a Survey by ZKIvon der Heyde, Markus ; Wimmer, Martin ; Hotzel, Hartmut 
20-Nov-2019Citation Content Analysis in the Cirtec projectParinov, Sergey 
26-May-2011CNRIS 2.0: Challenges for a new generation of Research Information SystemsPuccinelli, Roberto 
14-Jun-2018Combining top down and bottom up in research information management: Research landscape at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-NürnbergMelsheimer, Bastian ; Walther, Marcus 
14-May-2014Combining VIVO and Google Scholar data as sources for CERIF Linked Data: A case in the agricultural domainNogales, Alberto ; Sicilia, Miguel Angel ; Jörg, Brigitte 
27-Apr-2021Comentario al Panel 1: Los sistemas nacionales de información científica y la contribución de los repositorios institucionales y los CRIS al diseño de indicadores de evaluaciónDe Castro, Pablo 
30-Nov-2017Comments on “OPENPIIR Product Scope and Principles – recommendations of the ORG_ID Product Breakout Group”Güdler, Jürgen 
13-May-2014Common Map of Academia: augmenting bibliography research information dataJurkiewicz, Jakub ; Wendykier, Piotr ; Wojciechowski, Krzysztof ; Fedoryszak, Mateusz ; Dendek, Piotr Jan