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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-May-2014Common Map of Academia: augmenting bibliography research information dataJurkiewicz, Jakub ; Wendykier, Piotr ; Wojciechowski, Krzysztof ; Fedoryszak, Mateusz ; Dendek, Piotr Jan 
11-Jun-2016Community curation in open dataset repositories: insights from ZenodoSicilia, Miguel Angel ; García-Barriocanal, Elena ; Sánchez-Alonso, Salvador 
Aug-2002Comparative Study of Metadata for Scientific Information: The Place of CERIF in CRISs and Scientific RepositoriesJeffery, Keith G. ; Lopatenko, Andrei ; Asserson, Anne 
14-Jun-2018Comparing bibliometric tools for research assessment from a CRIS point of viewFest, Ellen ; Van Zeeland, Hilde ; Booij, Jorik ; Van der Togt, Peter ; Jetten, Theo 
14-May-2014A comparison of research output counting methods using a national CRIS – effects at the institutional levelChudlarský, Tomáš ; Dvořák, Jan ; Souček, Martin 
11-May-2015Conditor: Towards a national reference repository for French scientific productionBonvallot, Valérie ; Dautcourt, Thierry 
10-Sep-2012Connecting research data, current research information and publicationsDoorn, Peter ; Dijk, Elly 
11-Sep-2012Context and Linking in the Research Lifecycle: CERIF and other standardsJones, Catherine 
9-Sep-2013Contextual MetadataDvořák, Jan 
10-Sep-2013Contextual Metadata – the FRIS modelling contextVan Grootel, Geert 
8-Jun-2012CONVERIS 5: the Next Generation Current Research Information SystemMaier, Jan C. ; Höllrigl, Thorsten ; Weiss, Rudolf 
13-May-2004A Corporate Data Repository for CCLRC Using CERIFGrabczewski, Edward ; Crompton, Shirley ; Robinson, Stuart ; Hall, Trudy 
8-Jun-2012Creating a Data Infrastructure for Tracking Knowledge FlowHaak, Laurel ; Baker, David ; Probus, Matt A. 
10-Nov-2016Creating a national digital library of scientific publications using DSpaceStoilos, Giorgos ; Karozos, Kostis ; Batistatos, Giorgos ; Vassalos, Vasilis 
20-Nov-2019Creating the Croatian National CRISOrel, Ognjen 
14-Jun-2018The creation of a harmonized, semantically enriched Flemish research discipline list: about pitfalls and opportunitiesVancauwenbergh, Sadia ; Poelmans, Hanne 
14-Jun-2018The creation of the Flemish research discipline list, a huge step forward in harmonizing research information (systems)Vancauwenbergh, Sadia ; Poelmans, Hanne 
14-Jun-2018CRIS and persistent identifiers: how do they work together?Lambert, Simon 
12-Sep-2011CRIS and Repositories: Setting the SceneJeffery, Keith G. 
4-Sep-2019The CRIS and RIM landscape: surveysMennielli, Michele