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Title: Dialnet CRIS: Data Aggregation to build a National CRIS
Authors: Sánchez, Oscar 
Keywords: research information management;current research information systems;national CRIS;aggregation services;research publication management;Dialnet CRIS;Spain
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2023
Publisher: euroCRIS
Conference: Membership Meeting 2023 – Spring (Brussels) 
Dialnet CRIS is gradually consolidating as a service to provide research information management and public visibility to research institutions as well as a tool to build multiple-organisation research portals. The latest milestone has been the confluence with the Hércules Project to build a National portal. This will provide Dialnet CRIS with the whole picture of the Research Information in Spain. The presentation summarises the services offered by Dialnet and how its research portals are gradually been adopted by institutions across the whole country and even as a suitable solution for regional research information aggregations.
29 slides.-- Presentation delivered within the session "An update on the CRISCROS WG".-- Includes extended abstract submitted to the event
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