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Title: Information technology systems that support science and higher education RAD-on: Reports, analyses, data
Authors: Białas, Marcin 
Błaszczyk, Łukasz 
Dadas, Sławomir 
Knapińska, Anna 
Mirończuk, Marcin 
Ostrowska, Sylwia 
Podwysocki, Emil 
Tomczyńska, Aldona 
Keywords: research information management;current research information systems;student administration system;system interoperability;RAD-on;National Information Processing Institute (OPI);Poland
Issue Date: Jun-2023
Publisher: National Information Processing Institute (Warsaw)
Conference: EUNIS 2023 Annual Conference 
The RAD-on portal forms an integral component of an IT system that presents reports, analyses, and data on science and higher education in Poland. RAD-on was developed by the National Information Processing Institute (OPI PIB) in collaboration with the Polish Ministry of Education and Science as part of the Integrated Network of Information on Science and Higher Education project.

In terms of the data it collects and shares, RAD-on is currently the largest national IT system in science and higher education in Europe. It stores information on nearly all scientific institutions in Poland, as well as their scientists. This includes academic teachers and other individuals who conduct classes at higher education institutions. RAD-on also offers comprehensive lists of scholarly publications, national and international patents, research projects funded by various sources, and institutional investments. It contains extensive information on students, graduates, and on tertiary education programmes, including fields of study, foreign students, PhD students, and study formats.
93 pages.-- English version of the RAD-on system booklet originally published in Polish.-- Translator: Michał Tomaszewski
ISBN: 978-83-63060-26-8
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