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Title: The role of national and regional CRIS in the implementation of PIDs
Authors: De Castro, Pablo 
Keywords: current research information systems;national CRIS;persistent identifiers;international collaboration;workflows;;FAIRCORE4EOSC;research information management
Issue Date: 13-Sep-2023
Publisher: euroCRIS
The presentation highlights the very relevant role that CRIS systems – and specifically national and regional CRIS – are expected to play in the adoption and implementation of persistent identifiers. Some example case studies are provided for PID implementation initiatives where institutional/national/regional CRIS are playing or have played such a key role. A two-stage process for PID adoption is suggested where a first layer of internal and already persistent IDs will eventually be complemented with a top layer of international, resolvable PIDs once the appropriate standards are mature enough. The multi-faceted issue of PID maturity is discussed alongside some examples for PIDs both consolidated and emerging. The not always clear position of CRIS within the PID stakeholder community is examined and the large differences across countries are underlined. Finland is suggested as a possible model case study for organisational workflows around PIDs in view of the fact that the CSC in Espoo that hosts the national CRIS is also the home for the Finnish National PID Strategy and the NREN for the country, besides holding the coordination for the FAIRCORE4EOSC project.
18 slides.-- Presentation delivered at the Sep 13th online meeting of the CRISCROS WG for national and regional CRIS. See for more info on the working group
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