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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-May-2022CRIS design & implementation: best practice in an academic use caseScancarello, Immacolata ; Bollini, Andrea ; Buso, Irene ; Fazio, Riccardo ; Mornati, Susanna 
6-Jul-2021The euroCRIS CERIF Refactoring Pilot ProjectDvořák, Jan ; Ivanović, Dragan 
24-Jun-2021euroCRIS Session: VIVO implementations at Latin American institutions: different approaches and configurations, one common objectiveDe Castro, Pablo 
13-May-2022The Evolution of the Pure Community Module: How lessons learned from national, regional, and subject-focused use cases have been used to support inter-institutional collaborationToon, James 
12-Nov-2014Interoperability: the View from ConverisJägerhorn, Martin 
10-Jun-2019June 10th OR19 Workshop on Repository/CRIS Interoperability/Integration. Morning Session: Technical Challenges. IntroductionDe Castro, Pablo 
22-Nov-2017P-O-P-F project in The Netherlands: using CERIF-XML for exchange of information about funded projectsSimons, Eduard 
4-Sep-2019Showcasing collaborations using VIVO: Re-using and combining Pure dataVeenstra, Nick 
12-May-2022Some reflections on the current PID landscape – with an emphasis on risks and trust issuesDe Castro, Pablo ; Herb, Ulrich ; Rothfritz, Laura ; Schöpfel, Joachim 
11-Feb-2021Synergies between RIM and RMA: the Flemish caseVancauwenbergh, Sadia 
17-Jun-2020VIVO as a standalone CRIS at Osnabrück UniversityFeldschnieders, Dominik ; Schulze, Sonja 
4-Sep-2019VIVO Data Integration at TIB: Tools, workflows & connections with VIVO (as a CRIS and a RIMS)Hauschke, Christian ; Walther, Tatiana