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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Sep-2013Improved Research Information and Decision Management for Strategic AdvantageKerridge, Simon 
9-Jun-2015Improving Assessment & FeedbackGrundy, Simon 
11-May-2015Improving Research Indicators using CrowdsourcingNevolin, Ivan 
30-Nov-2017Improving the Data Quality in the Research Information SystemsAzeroual, Otmane ; Abuosba, Mohammad 
9-Sep-2013Influencing Decision MakersMorais-Pires, Carlos 
Nov-2018Informačný systém pre vedu a výskum na Žilinskej univerziteČelko, Ján 
13-May-2014Information integration in Research Information SystemsQuix, Christoph ; Jarke, Matthias 
6-Jun-2008Information quality in the context of CRIS and CERIFStempfhuber, Maximilian 
Aug-2002Information Retrieval in Distributed Environments Based on Context-Aware, Proactive DocumentsFriedrich, Michael ; Schimkat, Ralf-Dieter ; Küchlin, Wolfgang 
2015Information Security Risk Management in Higher Education Institutions: From Processes to OperationalizationHommel, Wolfgang ; Metzger, Stefan ; Steinke, Michael 
22-Nov-2017Information System for Projects at University of ŽilinaČelko, Ján 
Nov-2018The Information System for R&D in the Context of R&D Environment in SlovakiaZendulka, Lukáš 
8-Jun-2012Information systems of research funding agencies in the "era of the Big Data". The case study of the Research Information System of the European Research CouncilMugabushaka, Alexis-Michel ; Papazoglou, Theodore 
13-May-2014Infrastructures for Open, Digital ScienceBuhr, Carl-Christian 
13-May-2013Innovative Open Source Technologies for a CRIS: SURplus, a solution by CINECAMornati, Susanna ; Mennielli, Michele 
13-May-2013Institutional classification schemes in bibliometricsWinterhager, Matthias 
15-Nov-2013Institutional CRIS implementation in Europe: one goal, different strategies and speedsDe Castro, Pablo 
15-Jun-2018Institutional scoring with PURE at the University Medical Center Hamburg-EppendorfWeidt, Gunnar 
7-Jun-2012Integrated Research Input & Output System (IRIOS-2) – An OverviewGinty, Kevin ; Kerridge, Simon ; Brown, Josh ; Fairley, Paul ; McCutcheon, Valerie ; Clements, Anna 
22-Nov-2017An Integrated System of Services and Science Support SystemsTrgala, Marián ; Dušková, Marta ; Noge, Juraj